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Made in strong Oxford nylon, excellently finished, the Weighted Jacket 38kg (code1793) represents the extra-heavy version of the standard 15kg Weighted Jacket code 1794. This product is the answer to all those athletes that need a jacket with a heavier load when performing calisthenics exercises or during athletic preparation, also at the expense of a comfortable fit. The wearability represents indeed a physical limit that reasonably does not allow to indiscriminately increase the ballast. So as the code 1794, this model is adjustable and lockable thanks to the velcro closure, but the shoulder straps, being larger than the 15kg version’s, are not adjustable. The load can easily be varied from 0 to 38 kg, by adding the special ballast weights in painted metal in the pockets of the Jacket. The code 1793 is indeed provided with 28 ballast weights of 1,28kg each.

Dimensions: 400 x 500 mm Maximum weight: 38 kg