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The Safety Squat Barbell (SSB) has been patented in the 80’s by the American Jesse Hoagland, who condensed in this special bar his long training experience with straight cambered bars, buffalo bars and other similar solutions.
The Safety Squat Barbell has three main features:

1. The grip handles: tubes that are welded to the barbell and covered in rubber in the final part. 2. The wide padding, located also on the grip tubes to protect the shoulders
3. The barbell’s sleeves, with a 10cm misalignment with respect to main part of the barbell

The aim is to reduce some of the difficulties concerning a complex exercise like the squat performed with a free barbell heavily loaded. In particular, it is very widespread a difficulty on correctly positioning the barbell, because of a limited mobility of the shoulders due to injuries or to other individual physical features.
The presence of the grip handles makes possible to position and stabilize the barbell, avoiding that the limited joint mobility of the shoulders could generate elevated tensions on the back and incorrect postures, which may have negative effects on the performance of the exercises and may reduce its effectiveness and increase the risk of suffering injuries.

or other support usually needed for squats, this can represent an economic advantage. Plates and collars are not included.