kg 10 - thk 33 mm

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5,10,15, 20, 25 kg, this bumper line is made of polyurethane. Polyurethane is the best material to produce plates. Highest resistance, extraordinary compactness, reduced rebound, no smell, no scratches or imperfections, perfect coupling with the steel plate. PU plates are the best possible solution in terms of reliability, aesthetics and general quality. Furthermore, thanks to the high density of the material, PU plates are thinner than other standard plates. This allows loading of a 350 kg barbell, as if it were a metal plate, but with the advantage of having a softer support. PU Bumper plates are also available in IWF standard colours: 9040/3, 9042/3, 9043/3, 9044/3, 9046/3.

Internal diameter 50 mm - External diameter 450 mm